Our Mission

Here at ARC, we strive to make Bothell a city that is truly anti-racist. We work with the city's government and law enforcement to help create policies and enact change that help make Bothell a welcoming environment where BIPOC can feel safe and thrive.

We believe that Black Lives Matter

We believe action can create change

We believe all BIPOC deserve the right to feel safe in their own homes


Our Goals

  • To show BIPOC in the community that they are important and valuable members of our city

  • To celebrate and respect all of our differences 

  • To educate the white community on the hardships and struggles faced by BIPOC in Bothell

  • To show respect to all cultures, religions, sexualities, and genders

  • To create a safe space for Womxn of color to speak their minds and express themselves without fear of racism and misogyny

  • To help build a future in which all people in the city are truly equal