City Council Influence Team

Chairs: Rami Al-Kabra ( and Han Tran (email coming soon)

Meets: 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm

Description: This team works to influence an anti-racist agenda within Bothell politics. We work with the Bothell City Council through email, public comment at meetings, individual meetings with councilmembers, and presenting our own candidates at elections. The team meets once a month (and more, as needed) to coordinate group strategy for influencing policy.

Accomplishments: Successfully petitioned the Council to add a staff position devoted to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Ongoing projects: Bothell Lands project, meant to honor the history of the Indigenous people who once lived in Bothell

Creating a Racial Equity Commission with community input to influence local policy


Police Policy Action Team

Chairs: Jenne Alderks ( and Andrew Nelson (

Meets: 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm

Description: This team works to achieve more equitable policing in Bothell, working with the Bothell Police Department to encourage racial sensitivity among officers, greater reliance on mental health and community services, and improved community oversight over police policy. We acknowledge that there is a deep-seated problem in the culture of policing in this country that cannot be solved by mere reform, but we are also determined to effect what change we can locally, and we communicate with our local police department in an effort to move towards that necessary shift.


Ongoing projects: Creating a Police Oversight Commission that will allow community members input into matters of police policy, use of resources, and accountability


Community Action Team

Chairs: Tamara Wood (, Hannah Mendro (

Meets: 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm

Description: This team works to raise awareness in the local community around anti-racism through organizing demonstrations, community projects, mutual aid actions, and education campaigns. This group also manages ARC’s social media and draws attention to inequities happening locally and nationally.

Accomplishments: Organized several marches and demonstrations in Bothell to draw attention to racism and anti-racism in our city

Coordinated donations to several mutual aid campaigns

Ongoing projects:


White People Canvassing Team

Chairs: Sarah Gustafson (, Hannah Mendro (

Meets: Every other Tuesday at 4:30pm

Description: This group, organized by mostly white members of ARC, works to reach out to white community members and educate them on anti-racism. As white people, we take responsibility for the task of educating our fellow white people in the attempt to take that labor away from our BIPOC leaders and colleagues. This team organizes outreach and education campaigns for white community members and connects with other white ally groups in the effort to improve how we and others show up for our BIPOC community members.


Ongoing projects: Taking referrals to other white ally groups

Organizing a social media education campaign to introduce anti-racist concepts to Bothell community members